. new black military boots

    i got these black military boots a few weeks ago. it was until today that i finally posted images up.

. white clouds .white clothes .blue sky

. blues sky blue clothes

. black and white and hair

    me and a freind.. . i'm on the right, my friend's hair on the left

. red mannequins -AMAZING

    i went to castle towers, a local shopping centre today, to see check out the secret sale general pants was having, and i bought a pair of wrangler's stranglers. anyway, i walked passed this and i went OMG that is amazing... i was stupid and i didnt chek out what store is was.. think maybe it was esprit .. but really dont know. its almost like an artwork...excluding those sale signs. ... i really like it.. i would want to actually recreate that ..

    .. .it reminds me of a designer.. but at this moment in time, i cant really remember or find it, cuz internet is capped till tomorrow. so YAY for tomorrow. um this red stretch covered the mannequins and its just so amazing!! it brings an interesting feel.. sorta like i duno,. dead mannequins? lol .i duno. haha its soo hot today..

    anyway talk soon! happy xmas eve!

. Subfusco Exclusive Interview (Q&A)

    Interview done exclusively for BOY MOMENTS

. simon nessman black/white

. incu topshop - romance was born - ksubi

    went to paddington the other day and came across incu's new topman/topshop. which i found some interesting things but didn't buy :( . i also came across a pop up concept store by romance was born. they had interesting decorations and signs. i love the pink fluro lights which brings me to the fluro concept that ksubi always had (second pic).


. Subfusco BOYMOMENTS love

    Thanks for the support Josh from Subfusco !

    An interview will be posted up shortly.

. simon nessman w/girlfriend

. guess the model

    he just uploaded a pic on facebook of when he was young... so okay, guess who he is now?
    . so . background info. Born on 14th November 1976, and began modeling at 15. he was discovered in his hometown of Garland, Texas. who is he now?

    to reveal his name: highlight here : tyson ballou and click on the link to see a pic.

. 2 new faces - from Red11 *updated info

    just received these from RED11 agency this morning. his name is Tristan Burnett, is 186cm(6'1.5"). He is 20 years old born in Melbourne then moved to Dunedin, New Zealand for Medicine school. he will be in his 3rd year next year. Ali McD's agency in Dunedin is his mother agent. If you are outside New Zealand and wish to book him, Michael Hooker is responsible for his overseas work. Tristan has just landed two TV commercials in 4 weeks, so keep an eye out!

    the water photography remind me of the Acqua di Gio campaign. a bit. that blue light blue blazer and his blue eyes in the last pic, is just a match. his eyes are even more brought out.
    from the website it says that he is a "Dunedin-doctor-in-the-making TRISTAN has just returned from a TVC in Egypt & is in Auckland NOW!" his face seems to be able to pull off a few versatile looks.


    i also received pictures of Kieran Price, 22 years old is 185cm(6'1"). he is another from RED11. He has just started modeling since May and has landed Jeans West and David Jones in Australia. During the day, he is a landscape garderner. the website says he's a "new face going places...literally! This hot guy flits between bookings in Sydney & Auckland & has already shot for the latest BARKERS campaign & has fresh editorial out in latest issue of NZ Weddings with more coming!" So if you wish to book him, or you ladies who want to invite him to your garden for landscaping, contact RED11

    He has a little bit of a Jamie Dornan . to me. . what do you think? anyways, pics below.

    haha im just a bit lazy today, cant be bothered writing much, just copying and pasting.

. basics from sosume

    "all collections are made with organic and natural fabrics from the most accredited mills in the world
    all garments are manufactured in australia
    three percent of the proceeds of each garment are donated to a small number of charities which
    promote and aid sustainable development and practices "

    sosume . i think that's pretty neat, their clothes are simple and basic, its what we need in everyone's wardrobe. I also like those blazers/jackets, everyone needs one, and always a time for one. I wonder if they have any menswear. Looking at photos for Fall 2010, it's based around women, but maybe there maybe men, but i mean its unisex enough. I quite like the shoot. i love black and white. also i see a lot of frida khalo influences these days, especially the brows. i also like the effect of the man's shadow in the same pose as the model (pic 3). overall ..cool.

    here is their current spring collection:

. subfusco fall 2010 preview

    I know its not Fall yet. . but think about it. . its in 3 months time.. sounds close doesn't it? anyways, here is a preview from the Subfusco's homme line. i like that white ribbed shoulded top. i see they are keeping their accessories going.... i think its a pretty good, i like some of the clean cuts..

    You can find their latest updates on their blogs here and here

. peter alexander imitates louis vuitton/stephen sprouse?

    while flicking through the free chase magazine, i came across this.. look familiar? yes it does... the louis vuitton x stephen sprouse collaboration.. if you cant remember what it looks like.. i searched up google here... looks like people who cant afford the real thing can now jump into peter alexander stores to get a similar look this christmas.

. sean o'pry - pepe jeans ad that made me look twice


    i know these ad campaigns for pepe jeans aren't new, but they are still in magazines here, and i dunno, but every time i see either of these ads, i think it looks really good, and it sells the jeans so good to me. i actually stop turning the pages and look at it, trying to seek out why it appeals to me.. okay, probably maybe partly because they used a good model, one of the top models, sean o'pry and also the poses he does.

    while looking up the ads, i came across a black and white one, and i thought that was good too.. liking the process action and the arms in that position. i like the effect of it.


. hair - jon kortajarena (cont.)

    These were just uploaded by Jon and so I had to put the pics up here. the hair and his facial expressions... they are so signature. no one could do the same!

. Raw Magazine #1

    I picked this Raw Magazine by G-star at the Gluestore today. I think its a great idea printing these small newspaper like magazines, informing us about G-star and what they offer and news about them. What's better is that its free and anyone can just take it. The "Fix Up Look Sharp" above shows us G-star's approach to evening wear. It is contemporary and modern and has totally revolutionized, using traditional materials with G-star's details, like unexpected buckles to give it a new silhouette that "nods to sartorial history while embracing the future." The cover of the magazine really says it all and describes G-star. Having controversy with the glass skeleton bones (which you can't probably tell is glass) with G-star denim as skin, quite ironic.

    In the magazine they also talk about would famous industrial designer, Marc Newson's collaboration with G-star and this isn't his first time. I recently found out that he went to my school! So that was kinda amazing to me! I also found that Luke Cook, model also went to my school and graduated in 2005.

    You can view the 24 page magazine here if you can't pick up a hard copy.

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