Backstage was hektic! You just can't see their running and stressing and changing dresses, in these pictures I took, but if you were there last night, it was crazy. This is the last installment of White Euphoria, keep looking out for the next installments of the rest of the backstage of various other designers. Part I here


    So, I didn't write much at all for the last post, but I went to FACE fashion event last night - an event where it showcased a few emerging designers. Basically I went to support Mok Theorem girls who showed their other line, White Euphoria. Despite essentially getting "kicked out" of backstage (which was quite rude.. - they said I didn't register and I didn't have an all access pass when in fact I did register) I was still able to get some shots. Anyways, me being me, I had to have my way somehow, so I found someone with the same authority and got me back into the backstage and all that business. Then I continued happily snapping. I decided that I didn't want to take snaps of the runway as I didn't want to stand up outside with all the other competitive cameras that had huge lenses, something I don't have, as I'm not a professional.

    These pictures I think show off their faces and the hair.

    Anyways, I'm actually very busy and need to go. So stayed tune for Part II of White Euphoria backstage and I will also be uploading some other backstage shots I took on the night that weren't specifically to a particular designer.


    These pieces are from White Euphoria by the Mok Theorem girls. Another line they just launched. I do quite like the leather and lace pants !


    One of my favourite upcoming photographer/video photographer is Justin Wu. His photography often shows the models character and the more fun side. This is definitely shown through videos he does, almost music video like- which shows the fun side to fashion. ( not that I'm saying fashion isn't fun, it's just hectic all the time). It's great to see through this video kind of like a summary of the shows in Paris that people miss half way across the world.


    photographer: james muldowney and juergen zipf

    This is Nicolas Ripoll. Think he could be the next admiration of mine. There are different spellings of his name but this is how models.com spell it. Anyways. I just love these pictures. I like the expression on the faces and the poses. It's fun. I would like to snap some of these kinds of photos. It's just fun. The couture pose is just great!!!! haha


    I just love this video its black and white and it's fun. I think it's something I want to do for a shoot/video. One of my favourites are Adrien and Marcel.

    Watch the full hi res video at models.com

    Casting director Barbara Nicoli / Trouble Management presents exclusively for models.com A Milan Spring/Summer 2011 Men's casting video Directed by: Marcelo Burlon Casting Directors: Barbara Nicoli & Leila @ Trouble Management Editing & Video: Marco De Giorgi & Marcelo Burlon & Matteo Montanari Styling: Elia Quadri Lettering: Federico Donelli Grooming: Marco Braca @ Close Up Assistents Stylist: Alberto Brasola Barina, Giulia Centofante Assistents Photographer: Raf Grosso & Marco Zanin Thanks to: Circus Studios, Elisa Lusso

    Models Adrien Sahores @ Ford Anthon @ Ford Christian @ VNY Paolo Anchisi @ Ford Seb @ Models 1 Eric @ Tomorrow Is Another Day Peter @ Unique Bastiaan @ D'Men George Barnett @ D'Men Tom Fontayn @ Ford Alex Dunstan @ D'Men Demi @ I Love Models Zac @ Elite Rene @ Elite Marcel @ Fashion James @ Fashion Aiden @ Why Not Felix @ Ford

    All clothes are by: Nike Trosman Ferragamo Louis Vuitton American Apparel Dolce & Gabbana Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci McQ by Alexander McQueen Vintage Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane Dries Van Noten Music: Dance Yrself Clean by LCD Sound System


    Henson jewerely to me is a dark label in which as you can see by the images from the ‘Cælestis’ collection to be very connected to the human, the wearer. This collection takes inspiration from a primordial, intangible mother of being. Henson manipulates metals mixing minerals silver and brass with irreverent unorthodoxy and bringing light to dark places. They started out in 2008 making tees and now fully loaded into their signature jewelery. I just love the dark metal and how it seems almost weather and raw.

    ( another designer interview I had not had time to upload, sorry)

    Read the interview here:

    Designer/s name/s?
    Andy and Goldie

    Where are you based?
    Goldie: We work out of Sydney and Melbourne

    When was the label was formed and why/how did you come about this idea?

    Andy: We started the label back in late 2008. Basically we wanted to make the things we wanted to wear and couldn't get anywhere else.

    What was the process/ how did you start beginning your label?

    Andy: We started with t-shirts. Sold them to a few stores and then took the profits and made more stuff. The more stuff we sold the more new and exciting things we could make ... its a vicious cycle really.
    Goldie: Yes, got to love the t shirt! Our process was always going to be learn as we go. One thing I have always believed in is if you want to do something no one will hand to you ... so give it a go and things start to happen!

    Why jewelery?
    Andy: Jewelery was a brain fart that just happened. You know when someone says "imagine this" and then someone else says , "lets try and make it". We were so happy with the way the first range of rings turned out, that we both just got really into it.
    Goldie: People always say that mens jewellery is so limited and hard to find , after playing round we were surprised with what we could do and coupled with that lovely friend and family feedback everything snowballed into what is out from us today .. everyone loves a little bling...

    Were you always a fashionable person?
    Andy: Not until i started copying goldie
    Goldie: ha ha definitely thought I was on top of it! flat brim hip hop styles, shoes , nice time pieces.. age aye thank god you have to grow up..

    What is your style/s?
    Goldie: I always want to feel and look good , I'm not afraid to admit that, always got a hat somewhere close.. I get pissed off on how much Andy copies me
    Your own favourite staple piece in your wardrobe.
    Andy: These boots we had sampled in Melbourne last year ... wear them everyday!
    Goldie: yeah them dam boots, I even try to wear them in summer ... I don't get too far .. the hat!!

    Your favourite piece from your label.
    Goldie: I'm doing two, roes tee from a couple of winters ago and the pinky onyx ring hitting stores now..
    Andy: The cube necklace.

    Which designs are most popular?
    Andy: The more conservative pieces always move better, but i think our big rings get us the most attention.
    Goldie: probably the rings; the stinky pinky!

    Tips for aspiring designers, like me?
    Goldie: Don't think its all blunts 40's and bitches..
    Andy: Have fun and don't stress about the cash

    Did you have any education in fashion? if so, where? if not, how did you learn the technical aspects?
    Andy: I actually studied film ... we kinda just made it up and made lots of mistakes.
    Goldie: I did a few night classes in jewellery but everything I was shown we had worked out.. must be that kiwi ingenuity .

    How did your friends/family react to your label?
    Goldie: Dad was WHAT. ???? friends always keep ya going..
    Andy: Most people I know are pretty positive about the whole thing. People are always asking how its going and what we are doing now.

    How do you approach your designs and what inspires you?
    Andy: I like to start with a broad idea or even a theme and then just think things through. We come up with a million ideas and then just pick the best ones.
    Goldie: like Andy said ideas ideas ideas, !! we like to have a theme to our collections , things that everyone will see more, as we progress over time.
    What are your aesthetics?
    Andy: Heavy, roughened, backyard bodyshop.
    Goldie: our own for sure...

    How is your label unique from others in Australia and abroad ?
    Andy: I guess because we don't have specific fashion experience we really are making it up. I think our designs are unique and our methods certainly are.

    Favourite designer/s and why?
    Andy: Alvin Manalo. He's helped us so much along the way.
    Goldie: Alvin's the man!! Saint Augustine Academy made with love...

    For people who don't know your label, how would you describe it in a 3 words/sentence?

    Dark,Heavy,A little bit mean.
    Goldie: check it out!!

    For more check out here at www.thisishenson.com


    Mok Theorem - it's not the first time you've heard this label on my blog. Remember I was invited to their debut show a month ago taking backstage shots and runway shots from the front row? ( click here to refresh your memory). I did an interview with them shortly after the show but I've been so busy and sick last month I've had no time to put it up. But here it is :)

    Gloria and Grace Mok, the sister designer duo are the founders of the their label Mok Theorem. They are self taught and began at Bondi Markets, where many designers have blossomed from. This season they were inspired Harry Potter's chess board game. by Black vs. White adding a touch of femininity.

    Read the interview to get a better knowledge of what they are all about! They are launching another line, White Euphoria next week at FACE Fashion.

    Incase you were wondering why I have women's content on this blog - I really like the black and white pieces they have and as an aspiring designer, I love to see how designers start out.


    How old are you guys?

    I'm (Gloria) 23 and Grace is 27.

    When and how did you decide on design as your career?

    Back in the school days when I was 15, I was studying this course called 3 Unit Maths (which I believe is now known as Maths Extension 1) and I was failing miserably. I remember scoring 36% on one of my exams which completely contradicted the myth that all Asians were good at Maths. One day in class we were studying Pythagoras Theorem and my friend jokingly said how funny it would be if there was a maths theorem named after me in the future, especially given how I just went in my last exam. And it got me thinking that if there was to be a theorem named after me, what would I be known for? What knowledge do I possess which I can I share with others? The answer was clear straight away – fashion. Since being a young girl, fashion was always my passion. I loved it dearly and studied it religiously (which was probably the reason why I was failing maths in the first place). From that moment onwards, Mok Theorem was born.

    Were you always a fashionable person?

    I have always loved dressing up. Since preschool, I have always been the one who decided what outfit I would be wearing for the day and paid meticulous attention to looking my best all the time. As for being fashionable, I’m sure I have had some hits and misses over the years but I believe that’s the beauty of fashion – each to their own.

    What do you make and when did you guys decide on this?

    Mok Theorem produces garments which are timeless yet whimsical. The pieces are edgy but also possess a hint of femininity and sophistication. We like taking basics and adding quirky detailings that make a classic more interesting and modern. We try to steer clear of trends because we want all Mok Theorem pieces to last for seasons.

    This has always been our personal style aesthetic. Grace and I have always worn clothes which are a bit quirky and most importantly, not found on the mass market. We like pieces which have a no-fuss styling quality to it, meaning that we like clothes which require little styling effort on our part and minimal accessories because the little details on the garments itself are statement-making enough. Mok Theorem resonates closely to our own personal style.

    What was the process/ how did you start beginning your label?

    Mok Theorem began at Bondi Markets over 3 years ago. Bondi Markets has always been renowned as being the stepping stone for numerous well-established Australian fashion labels such as Sass & Bide, Samantha Wills, Kitten and Skipping Girl. Being avid fans and loyal shoppers of Bondi Markets ourselves, Grace and I knew that this was the best way to initiate our label as it was well-known that Bondi Markets was a great platform for new and emerging designers.

    Over the past few years at Bondi, we have not only attracted a wide base of loyal customers and fans, we have received a lot of feedback in regards to our collections. This direct contact with our customers has allowed us to listen and learn from our customers as to what they want and what they like. With their continual support and feedback, we have grown to where we are today.

    Tips for aspiring designers, like me?

    It is really important to have a great partner and team in order to succeed because it is never a solo act and it is not enough to simply have a great design or product. Having Grace, my sister, as my business partner has been an absolute blessing. She is amazingly talented, intelligent and most importantly, organised (unlike me!) with vast business experience. Grace has allowed Mok Theorem to get to where it is today. Without her, I don’t think Mok Theorem would have ever taken off.

    Did you have any education in fashion? if so, where? if not, how did you learn the technical aspects?

    Grace and I both studied business degrees rather than fashion design. We are both self-taught in sewing but our craftsmanship is nothing compared to our seamstress. We generally make mock-ups of our designs first and then our seamstress teaches us the correct way of putting the garments together.

    How did your friends/family react to you turning to fashion design?

    My parents were very supportive early on. But like most Asian families, my parents did initially want me to work in a ‘safe’ occupation such as accounting or even better, medicine if possible. But they knew that when I had my heart set on something, I would do everything that I could to achieve it. I think my determination and a resilient, never-give-up attitude were enough to convince them that this was the right path for me to take. Same with all my best friends. They hear how passionate I am when I talk about my dreams so they have also been supportive from the start.

    How do you approach your designs each season and what inspires you? ( this season)

    With this new collection, I was inspired by chess, hence the title of the collection, Check Mate. I was thinking of J.K. Rowling’s fantasy chess game in Harry Potter and I wanted to create my own fantasy chess set for this new season. Ironically enough, I have only ever played one game of chess in my life.

    What are your aesthetics/inspirations?

    I am inspired by everyone and everything. With this current collection, it was Harry Potter! Really, anything that tickles my fancy!

    Whats the underlying message of this collection/ themes?

    The theme of the collection revolves around the notion of Black vs. White, this fantasy battle taking place between two clans of well-dressed women. The idea was to convey a sense of contrast and balance between the two sides. Subsequently, the clothes from this collection are a little bit on the tough side, a little bit warrior-esque, however, there is a strong touch of femininity throughout the collection to offset against the toughness of it all.

    Contrast is the key theme so structured pieces in leather and PVC with heavy zipper hardware detailing is counterbalanced against fluid, soft pieces in modal and silk. This inspiration is further emphasised through the choice of colour. As chess is traditionally black and white, these two colours play an integral part in our collection. However, there are highlights of musk, sapphire, lilac and biscuit brown to complement and add a Mok Theorem twist.

    Where do you source fabrics and what kind of fabrics do you use?

    We pride ourselves on using good quality fabrics. With the new collection, I worked with soft 100% lambskin leather, 100% silk and 100% modal. I also used wool, PVC and plenty of chunky hardware zippers. The collection was inspired by chess and the idea of contrast and balance. I used a variety of materials to emphasise on this notion of juxtaposition. With most pieces, a mixture of different fabrics was used all at once.

    All our fabrics are sourced from Asia.

    The fashion industry is so competitive, how do you keep you label sustainable?

    Grace and I have completed business degrees so we have both been formally trained to research the market to understand customer needs and wants, our competition, new and emerging trends and any shifts in the industry, both nationally and internationally. We realise the importance of having current and up-to-date information so as to make sound marketing decisions in regards to pricing, promoting and distributing our products. Our business backgrounds allow us to stay afloat in the fashion industry.

    Are you working internationally with stocking,etc?

    We currently have an UK stockist, Pret-A-Portabello, selling our label. They have told us that our pieces are selling really well in the UK. In fact, ELLE UK just did a feature on our London stockist and did a mention on Mok Theorem. Hopefully Mok Theorem will be stocked everywhere around the world one day!

    How is your label unique from others in australia and abroad ?

    Mok Theorem does not follow trends and I think this is one of the key reasons why our customers and buyers love our designs so much. It is important to us to not produce garments that can be purchased easily on the mass market. Our customers like to stand out from the crowd. Mok Theorem delivers simple but statement-making pieces that allow girls to achieve this.

    Who is your target market? what/why do you think your products appeals to them?

    All fashionistas out there! Our customers range from 18 to 35 years old who appreciate meticulous craftsmanship, high-quality fabrics and unique designs which allow them to differentiate from the crowd and make an entrance.

    Favourite designer/s and why?

    We loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee Marc Jacobs! He is an inspiration on so many levels. When people think of leading international designers they instantly think of the glamorous and beautiful lifestyle they live in. What most people don’t know about is what it takes to get there.

    Marc Jacobs was the first to develop the concept of bringing high fashion to the younger generations. Robert Duffy, a close friend and business partner, worked with Jacobs at fashion powerhouse Perry Ellis. Together, they put grunge on the runway. The media went crazy over the flannel shirts, thermals, Doc Martens and (who could forget!) crocheted skullcaps; an approach that was never seen before in the high-end fashion scene, however, the executives weren’t too impressed. They were not convinced that women would pay so much for expensive clothes that looked like streetwear. Jacobs and Duffy were not deterred by the negative response towards their first show at Perry Ellis which ultimately led to their dismissal. It proved to be a landmark collection and the inauguration of Jacob’s signature aesthetic in the high-end fashion world.

    Marc Jacob’s is truly a trend innovator. We admire him for his bold actions, risky decisions, determination and belief in the success of his creations. But more than anything else, we respect the strong bond between Jacobs and Duffy and their commitment to working together as a team - it was both or nothing for this duo.

    Our aim is for Mok Theorem to adopt their integrity, passion and loyalty.

    I believe good models help a lot in selling the clothes. what kind of models' outlook do you choose for your label?

    I like girls with a non-traditional beauty as this relates closely with the Mok Theorem philosophy – we do not like conforming to the norm. We see beauty in the different.

    What will the public expect to see next, coming from your label?

    Everyone will just have to wait and see! We like to keep surprising and amazing people by upping the ante the next time round.

    What's your favourite piece from your label?

    There are too many to mention! From the leather-breasted bodice boobtube dress and maxis to the flowing cape dress with zipper hardware detailing to the heavily layered black vest, I have so many favourites! All the pieces play an important role in my current wardrobe.

    What the most popular piece customers like?

    Our buyers seem to really like My Naked Heart dress which is the nude and floral silk-pleated boobtube mini dress with the leather strip detailing in the middle. Also Chasing Worlds which is the loose fitting white vest made out of a mixture of leather, modal, wool and PVC.

    For people who don't know your label, how would you describe it in a sentence?

    Timeless silhouettes and whimsical twists!

    Thanks Gloria and Grace!


    Last night there was a meet up for bloggers at Monkey Magic at Surry Hills. It was a nice meet up place organized by Rachel from Taboo ( PR agency from Victoria). It was unpredicted who would be turning up. As I was the first one there, it was intriguing to see who was coming one by one, looking at the door everytime someone entered. The result was a really great night and most of us had not met each other either before. It was great chatting and getting to know everyone.

    Nadia - The Animal Orchestra, Kent - Sydney Street Style, Matt - Imelda and The Style Tyrant, Feryx & Nicole - Unseen Fashion TV, Helen Lee - iblogfashion & sassybella, Julia - shesaid.com, Anina - 360fashion.net and Rachel's colleges, Heath and Tam. Alyx from Oyster and Heather from Tangent was suppose to come but couldn't make it, I'm sure they won't miss the next one hehe. It was a fun night and the food was great - from dumplings to sushi, to sashmi, to san choi bow and. It wrapped up at about 11pm with only Nadia, Rachel and I to devour the yummy chocolate souffle with ice cream. hehe

    Thanks to Rachel for making it all happen!

    Ps: you are probably wondering what those masks are, well it was for the whereis party that is happening tonight run by Taboo for whereis ( the directory website ) and those were part of it. Rachel brought along some for the people who were going tonight to the whereistheparty.com.au

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