. wang doing the man -UPDATE


    These are a few exclusive looks from the coming men's collection of Alexander Wang's T label this Summer/Spring. The T label are the basics for women and soon will be including a mens version! The mens line will be cheaper. More info here

    I quite like Alexander Wang stuff, I like his choice of colours, very neutral colours. I just love the simple tanks he has. If he does a whole collection of just tanks I'd be satisfied already, but it looks like from this preview that there's going to be a bit more than that. Can't wait to see its debut and what he's got installed for us. I have to say, I was thinking that his mens line would be for skinnier body shapes just like Alex's own style of wearing them. But, we'll have to see!

    So tired, schools coming and I don't really want to go back, it means exams and less blogging!

. illuminating


    This is one of the light drawings I found fascinating by Picasso. He was inspired by photographs of ice skaters with tiny lights on their skates jumping in the dark by photographer Gjon Mili in 1949. Picasso did a series of photographs using a small flashlight in a dark room.

    I did one of these last year before I had seen these photographs. I was surprised when I did them myself, but seeing Picasso's version is amazing! I used my mobile with the light on to create the word "BITCH" haha. I had many attempts before it was sort of recognizable.

. eclipse


    This was the solar eclipse taken from the national observatory on Iojima island in Japan - 22nd July 2009. It is the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century.

    More details here

. shangri-la

    Courtesy to my LG Viewty

    I just had to post up a blast of the beautiful food I ate today! As a promotional lunch special at
    Shangri-la Hotels's Cafe Mix buffet, $42 for two, my mum and I decided to go. We ate the most dessert! Indulging on the chocolate fountain as we dipped sticks and sticks of strawberry into the fountain. Just loved how the chocolate froze as the strawberries were cold and the crunch of biting in to them. Lots of other desserts were also worth eating. The other food was average. Yet to find the best buffet with everything good. Loved today! Also this weeks Grazia is only $2.50, first birthday issue! I already bought an issue. Already a year, can you believe it?

. kirrily johnston - syncroncity


    Kirrily Johnston since launching her first collection in the Spring/Summer 2004/05 has only been doing womenswear. Her collections have always been fluid and flowy. Only in this years Spring/Summer 2009/10 collection - Syncroncity, did she release a menswear line as well, bringing her drapery skills along and incorporating them.

    Interesting to see a range of bottoms. I quite like the white shorts with a cuff for the leg. The low crotch pants seems to remain in trend. The black colour pallete appeals to me much more, well that's my preference. I also love the bags and how the draw strings can make them into different shapes, multiple bags in one!

    Some menswear on the runway was not found on Ragtrader and visa versa. Not sure why though.

. fashion faces

    Tommy Hilfiger jacket

    Bela Borsodi, a New York based artist, is responsible for these human like faces and expressions (also called fashion faces) created as an advertising campaign for a new online chain store, Yalook. These fashion faces are not results of photoshop, but the outcomes from hours of patience, folding and constructing fashion label clothing including Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, G-Star, Lee, Levis, Wrangler, Converse, Adidas, Nudie Jeans, Pepe Jeans, Kookai and much more.

    Bela Borsodi has worked for 15 years styling fashion advertisements, campaigns and editorials. Some labels he's worked with include Hermes, Swarovksi and Nike. Also, magazine editorials such as Details, V-man, Vogue and Elle.

    I really think that these are such miraculous creations and just cant imagine all the time spent to create all these faces, each with a different character. Bela Borsod is truely our " Vincent Van Cloth" - TheSun

    Check out the fashion faces talking on Youtube !

. bubble

    google images

    This photograph is by Richard Heeks, 36 year old from Exeter, Devon. He used a special macro lens with a shutter speed of 1/500th of a second (Nikon D90). He captured a series of photographs with his wife making her first contact with the bubble and progress of the burst. The photo was only electronically edited to raise colour and light.

    "There was absolutely no wind, the bubbles just hung in the air"- Richard Heeks

    I think this is an amazing photograph. It seems to slow down the action of life and letting you see it. I never thought the bubble in my bath I popped could be so amazing!

. academy for men

    Academy For Men, is not only an online lifestyle magazine based in Melbourne but also a modeling agency. By the name, it already suggests it's a prestigious school for men. Not quite but it might as well be one, as it facilitates talents.

    When you enter the site, you are welcomed with music by local and international talents. Anybody who's a passionate musician and wish to have their music out there, Academy For Men gives exposure, just send them a track. One of the bands featured in the second issue of Academy For Men was Amy Meredith, the band, which I remember coming to our school for "Rock the Schools," first thing I thought were, I love what they are wearing, haha.

    Academy For Men are always on the look out for new faces with individuality and personality. They have shot models like the new comers, Rhys Uhlich and Tom Penfold from Make Me A Supermodel, Australia. If you wish to be a model for them, all you have to do is be 15-25 years old, at least 180cm and send your photos to them following their criteria. There ! Done!


    Just loving this shoot in the mag by Dan Stainsby and loving the use of the tape up background creating a raw and effective yet simple shoot. The tape was Rhys Ripper's (editor in chief-Academy For Men) " ...trick to show a more behind the scenes vibe."- Twitter

    Currently, Rhys Ripper is the guest men's editor of Fashion Journal Magazine.

    Make sure to check out Academy For Men
    NOW! The next fresh issue is arriving to you on Thursday! Whoooo!

. launch


    The new luxury fashion house, Louis Vuitton just opened in Bondi Junction Westfield yesterday, joining Chanel which opened recently at the Westfield. Can't wait to check it out!

    "Luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton is to open a store in Sydney’s Bondi Junction. The new store will be both the newest in Louis Vuitton’s Australian network and the first time the brand will be present in a suburban shopping centre in the Oceanic region."
    - Oystermag.com

. new faces . Oscar Paull


    His name is Oscar Paull, 16 year old hailing from Whangaparaoa,New Zealand. See more and better quality shots from pagesonline.it by photographer David Shields. Oscar is not signed by any agency as yet. He has such a boyish look, very cute. He looks younger than 16, I must add, comparing him to my grade at school. His eyes are interesting.. can be so innocent but then it could be intimidating.. lol. I think they are blue, are they? I'm not sure. It seems there's a bit of eurasian-ness about him. Can't wait to see him make it big. hmm.. he might be potential for marc by marc jacobs? I dunno, because he has the baby face? Really good to see that people the same age as me are getting themselves so exposed to the industry.

    I must add that I like the styling. Loving the jacket on the right (second row) by Nyrie, the wash is cool and it matches with the wall background. That cap (bottom left by Tina Kalivas) is cool, isn't it? Reminds me of those vintage Chanel sunnies on Amber Rose and Rihanna.

    It is so amazing that Pagesonline have continuely kept me reading and inspiring me. and the fact that its online and free! soo convenient. thanks. I LOVE em.

    Like David Shields work? See more of it here.

    I have been procrastinating on my work again. I really should get back to it.

    UPDATE: Oscar was discovered by the photographer himself!

. shorts & blazers


    Shorts and blazers/suiting are so hot especially tailored short shorts . I'm soo loving the look on the first row, left -the black contrasts the skin soo chic!! Neil Barret are doing the shorts just above the knee which looks very tailored with the 3/4 blazer sleeves - simple and chic. Emporio Armani are making it almost pe short like, with drawstrings, combined with the white shoes and shorts, its ready for a gym session. The added socks by Louis Vuitton make a scruffy look that makes the overtime hours at office feel to a whole new hotness. These looks have been done before, but renewed with the longer blazers (Neil Barret and Jil Sander) , pulled down socks (Louis Vuitton) and unhemmed shorts (Prada).

    Neil Barrett - first row
    Emporio Armani- second row and third row (left)
    Louis Vuitton - third row (right) and fourth row
    Lanvin - fifth row (left)
    Jil Sander - fifth row (right) and sixth row
    Prada - last row

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