Here I am presenting you, David Urbanke (pictured above). He is just 16 years old but his talents have accelerated beyond, as you can see in his photography. Born and raised in New Jersey, but now living in a small town of Berkeley Heights, 45 minutes away from New York, where he usually shoots. I'd say he puts quite the effort, especially while he is still attending high school!

    Like many others, he started photographing and uploading to Flickr and now he shoots the freshest models from some of the top agencies such as Ford, Major, Elite, DNA and Wilhelmina, just to name a handful. As you can see below he also shot Australia's very own Amanda Ware winner of the current season (Cycle 6) of Australia's Next Top Model. He also currently shot Danica Magpantay & Zuzanna Bronczyk from Ford recent Supermodel Of The World contest.

    But that's not it! He and friend Shirley Yu (also photographer) started his own magazine. You heard it! The creativity just keeps on going!
    His magazine Youth & Freedom will launch in March and already has my personal favourite model, Luke Worrall on it. Check it the site out to keep updated!

    I have to say, it's so great to see such young talent and I believe it is people like this, that motivate and show us, we are all capable of doing great things at any age as long as you're passionate enough about it! Definitely one to watch! It was however quite disappointing and weird to hear that it seems he has some haters of him and his work. Support not put down others!

    To read more on how he started photography to photographing the next faces of tomorrow's fashion and how he juggles between photography work and high school, read the interview below.

    Check out more pictures on his site here and Facebook Page!


    Petar Petrov, comes back this season with a subtle but punctuated collection. Keeping his always used colour of black, in this AW/F collection as you can see here, he uses shades with mainly blue and the black but giving that extra burnt red and mustard yellow to complete the collection. The suits are quite relaxed with the loose pants.

    Personally I love a bit of leather, especially the top that is half leather and half knit above, the leather pants and the burnt red sweater with leather intervened.

    Watch the video for the full collection, I have only selected a few pieces to be pictured above.

    Take a look back at his previous S/S 2011 collection HERE where all the models were going down the runway smiling.


    Nick Hissom, from London, as you know is a model friend of mine (our interviewed here). He's the same age as me, and studying at The University of Pennsylvania. He's young, fun and ambitious for his future. He's already attended red carpet events and events like Heidi Klum’s Halloween party last year.

    Just a few weeks ago, his publicist ( I know right? I should have a publicist! haha) decided he should have a party in the first week of 2011 in London. The whole concept of the party was for lots of models, fashion people, socialites etc. all coming out for a party night out.

    At such a young age, I think he's really beginning to start making some press for himself. This industry is getting younger and younger

    You can follow his blog here.

    From the press release of the party:

    Nick Hissom Winter Extravaganza made sure that the first week of 2011 in London started well. DJ GK Apsis (SPACE Mykonos Resident DJ) spun a collection of summer beats whilst Nick even DJ'd a few songs throughout the night. Guests included all of London's hottest young names such as Kim Johnson, Clary Aspinall and Natasha Chiviarini. "London's Best Friend" and Fashion Personality Alexandra Kordas was also in attendance. Sponsored by VAN DER (a brand which Hissom is the current face for AW2010), Mangalinx and SPACE Mykonos, the event took place in London's Exclusive Merah club which has played host to celebrities such as Drake, Rihanna, Jay Z and Jordan. The party continued into the wee hours of the morning where VIP guests were given goodie bags containing an array of treats provided by VAN DER and Magnalinx, as well as the official SPACE Mykonos sound tracks.



    A weeks ago.. back in December (2010), young Sydney designer Henry Holland ( yes that is his name, I always get excited when I see an email from him and thinking it's the other Henry Holland haha) invited me to check out what his label, Eleventh Commandment, were up to. They were putting together a video for their AW2011 'Made in the Future' collection (which will be dropping nationwide in February)

    Tim Nagle who directed the filmed video no doubt made it fun and a bit random, which I think works really well, fitting in with the concept of "Made in the Future."

    Watch the video below, filmed under the ANZAC Bridge and take a look at the behind the scenes photos I took. I have to say, the view was pretty cool at night. I've never seen the bridge from that angle before.

    Check out their Facebook Page and website.


    On Monday, I received an email from a lovely friend and PR, Tammy, telling me about me being on The Age ( Melbourne ) newspaper last weekend. At first I had no idea what she was talking about, then she sent me this picture.

    I was surprised and had no idea and I am honest to say that I'm quite happy, as my first print written about me and especially aside one of my favourites The Imagist and V Magazine. You may think this is little, but for me, I appreciate anything, even the tiniest of things!

    Thanks everyone!


    Justin Wu, as you know is one of my favourite videophotographer/photographer talent. Once again, he has made a smashing cool video of the men shows in Milan and Paris, in collaboration with Jak & Jil Blog.

    I always full of fun and enjoyment. Makes me feel like I should be there. The lip syncing is too good! Enjoy the video.


    Last Friday I shot Alex (pictures above), he's not a model, but I can see potential. What do you think?

    Here's just a few simple shots. Keep watching this space as the pictures from the shoot will arrive shortly, I am still editing lots.

    The first shot was edited by a lovely friend, Anna.


    Here is part 2 of the behind the scene pictures and the comprehensive interview with Dan Jones. He will be using more colour for the next collection and I think it will be very intriguing, because I am! All the official pictures can be found on the official facebook page and soon to be on his website).

    Some of the details on your pieces are so intricate, it must be a pain with the handcrafting?

    That’s part of the challenge. You want the garment to still fit, and sit properly on the body after you add the weight of the beading. You also want it to move and glimmer in the right way as well. It creates an appreciation; there is a lot of man-hours put into creating say a pair a pair of dan jones pants, for example. Not only is the bead-work by hand, but the hems are sewn by hand, the waist bands are enclosed by hand. Everything is cut by hand using a blade, this is how I achieve the sharp clean cut edges of the raw pieces.

    The fashion industry is so competitive, how do you keep you label sustainable?
    I have a small team of people helping who believe in me and the dan jones label. I am also true to my design direction, and ultimately it’s a very interesting, and quite 'commercial' product that I’m creating.

    How is your label unique from others in Australia and abroad?
    The entire collection is unisex. I design it keeping in mind that a guy or girl might like to wear it, and the cut is developed that way too because I want the pieces to accommodate both a male and female body.

    Is there a clear definition of men/womenswear or unisex?
    In my collection, I think only the dresses give clear definition (though some men may be attracted to these looks). The pants and lace singlets may look quite feminine but they also look quite aggressive if a male is wearing them.

    Androgyny is definitely rising – what is your view on it?
    It's been happening for sometime and I think there is a new wave of androgynous designers. I don’t believe that it’s selling to the masses; it's a niche market. It’s more acceptable now to see a boy in leggings and sheer clothing, which is a good sign.

    Looking at the label, there seems to be a lot of dark colours, is there are reason?
    The concept was love and sexuality and most people would agree the black is quite a sexy colour. It fitted in with my concept and when I was developing the collection I really didn't have any other colours in mind.

    Who is your target market?
    I don't like to put an age on it; it’s someone who simply appreciates my designs. These are pieces – they aren’t just any old pants or shirts – and so the dan jones man/woman is someone stylish, simple and confident in what they wear.

    What/why do you think your products appeals to them?
    Good fit, comfort and look. I spend a lot on time making sure of this. It can’t just look nice – it has to feel comfortable too. I can’t stand clothes that don’t fit well because they have cut pattern pieces in bulk or used cheap elastics that loose stretch etc. Quality is appealing.

    Favourite designer/s and why?
    Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz – he gets it right every time, he has amazing attention to detail and he immortalises women, it’s really amazing. Elbaz was born to do what he is doing. Also Haider Ackerman, because he can make anything look amazing on a female silhouette. I’ve followed him for a while and he just intrigues me.

    Your personal favourite piece from your last collection?

    The bugle bead pant.

    I believe good models help a lot in selling the clothes. What kind of models' outlook do you choose for your label?
    I pick whoever has what I'm looking for, and quite often it isn't a professional model. You can tell when someone has the attitude or look that you need, 95% of the time when you get them in front of a camera and get them to do what you ask you’ll quickly get the result. I wouldn’t necessarily say good models help – I think the right model helps.

    What do you think of the online media, eg, twitter, blogs etc?
    I teamed with the 360 fashion network ( when I launched my label. The network allows you to create a mobile magazine to contact and notify anyone with a mobile phone about your product. Its very powerful and very effective means of communicating and keeping people informed about the label. You can download the dan jones mobile magazine by typing the following address into your phone browser:

    What will the public expect to see next coming from your label?

    Finally, for people who don't know your label, how would you describe it in a sentence?
    very. dan. jones.

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