Yesterday, I was extremely honoured to be invited by Bowie himself to be the first of seven people to exclusively preview his "PAPER CRANE" 2011/12 Collection at his studio, before his show that will be closing Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (RAFW) this year.

    Unfortunately I was unable to take any sneak peak photos for you guys to see, as Bowie would like to keep it all a big surprise and trust me, it will be a surprise!! However, I can give you a tell you a little bit of what you will be expecting! He took me through each piece one by one, and it's construction was amazing! I also asked him a few questions about the collection which you can listen by pressing the play button under the image above.

    Bowie's showing back in RAFW this year, will be quite a bang with 40 highly hand crafted couture pieces that took 10 months (2000 hours) to complete. Going to Japan, 2 or 3 times a year, in this collection, he takes inspiration from the Japanese origami- "Paper Crane" and you will see a lot of resemblances through the colour of black, red, silver, lots of white and geometric architectural shapes representing origami. The use of white symbolises the purity and hope, the black representing the strong warrior and silver for ice and snow. His collection will be historical and current with the happenings in Japan, where there will always be hope.

    Of course I will not give too much away! But expect to see real paper cut outs incorporated into the pieces and also mixed combination of manipulated vintage Kimono with a modern western edge! Just think, beading, sparkle, laser cutting, fabrics from all over the world, extreme detail construction and a piece completely made of individually sewn ribbon.

    This will be the show you will not want to miss!! It has the best show time - an amazing Friday evening, with an after party to follow and no rush to another show!! I certainly can't wait!! There will also be a special guest - Kelly Osbourne!

    I would like to thank Bowie for his time and the invitation to exclusively view his work and his show!

    Follow his Twitter and Facebook for updates!

Good Friday

    When I survey the wondrous Cross
    By the Prince of Glory died
    My richest gain I count but loss
    And pour contempt on all my pride

    See from his head, hands, feet
    Sorrow and love flow mingled down
    No such love and sorrow ever meet
    Or thorns compose so rich a crown

    Cross, O wonderful, wonderful Cross
    Bids me come and die and I have found that truly live
    Cross, O wonderful, wonderful Cross
    All who gather here by grace draw near and bless your name

    The whole realm of nature mine
    And that the progress so far is very small
    Love is very amazing, so divine
    Demands my soul, my life, all my

    Cross, O wonderful, wonderful Cross
    Bids me come and die and I have found that truly live
    Cross, O wonderful, wonderful Cross
    All who gather here by grace draw near and bless your name.

Tcs Results

    Announced that Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) on the Q4 results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011: India to reduce emissions (). Is scheduled TCS board meeting to be held today in the April 21, 2011. Can be verified by detailed information on the results of Q4 TCS TCS here at the site.

    And directly on the Internet a video of a press conference TCS be available at 2.30 hours, the Iraqi Special Tribunal and sound directly on the Internet at 5 pm today on its official website.

    To update the information on the results of the visit TCS 2011 at the following link from the site of Tata Consultancy Services:

Care Of Nails

    Nails are the horn like envelop found at the dorsal side of terminal phalanges of fingers of toes and hands in humans. These not only beautify the appearance of fingers but also protects from external vigorous pressure at the terminals. Nails are made of a protein known as keratin.

    Some times these features have to under go some abnormalities, get uneven. Discolored or not smooth and get brittle. In all these cases they have to be attended with care. It involve proper trimming. Filing and keep the cuticle away from the nail base. Some home treatment of nails is given below.

       1. First thing to be involved in their care is that they must be healthy with strong texture. So if they are soft then soak them in olive oil for 10 minutes daily.
       2. If these have any stain on it and can’t be removed then dip your nails in lemon juice for 10-15 minutes and after wash them with warm water.
       3. In order to remove the cuticle or to keep it away from nails use a cuticle file or push it in backward direction manually. Skip the chances of infection because cuticle is the protective layer from where the nail grows.
       4. If your nails get brittle day by day then in diet increase the amount of silica and vitamin B. in addition to this protein diet should be properly taken.
       5. If you use nail polish often then after two or three continuous applications give break. Because the nails oxygen should be cut off after nail polish application and their color is changed from pinkish to yellow or become dull.
       6. Not use dark colored nail polishes with out base coat because after removal these leave the color of pale yellow on the nail palate and ugly look when not to be polished. For nail polish remover use such agent which have less quantity of acetylene. This organic liquid makes the nails brittle when repeatedly applied.
       7. Avoid from nail biting because it will destroy the shape of nails and unpleasant feeling.
       8. If the clove of garlic is rubbed against nails continuously it will make the nails strong.


        * Nails of hand fingers grow more than toes.
        * A nail of long finger grows more then other fingers.
        * The growth rate of nails is such one eighth of an inch in a month.
        * If you are right handed its nail growth is more then other and similarly in case of left handed.
        * The growth rate is more in warm climate. Than colder. During pregnancy and after injury. The growth rate is more…


    Photography: Marco Van Rijt; Hair and make-up: Iris Houben ; models Eli & Boaz

    Samira Algoe is a new designer from Holland, I introduced to you last season here. This season she draws inspiration of cowboys and interpret it in her way mixing it with some Japanese fabrics. I asked her to tell a little bit about her collection, inspiration, fabrics used and colours she prefers. I do like the bag, and the first white transparent-like jacket.

    "ZEM stands for, minimalism, subtleness, unconventionality and last but definitely not least: classic with a surprisingly modern twist. I give a lot of care and attention to the fit and technique of my designs.

    In the beginning of a creative process I don’t have a clear vision, but the further I get the more concrete it gets. To get inspired when designing a new collection, I look at ordinary clothing of other decades. But not the fashion shown on the catwalks, personally I don’t find it is pure. Simply, because it’s already someone else’s interpretation.

    Looking into the past is an important principle for me, it keeps my vision fresh. ‘Who didn’t had a past, can’t have a future. If you don’t look back, you can’t look ahead.’

    The winter accompanied by cold and cowboys was my inspiration. If you place cowboys in this cold environment, they instantly become vulnerable. Not the tough young men who concur over land and animal but men who plough for hours or days through snow, looking for “something”, an adventure maybe. In the “The sound of the Mountains” I’ve introduced a new view on the woolies worn by cowboys, these are large leather or fur leg pieces which are worn over the legs. The paper is called “Washi”, originally used in traditional Japanese interior design. It had that snowflake pattern and transparent frosty kind of feel that perfectly blended with the concept of my collection.

    I have a preference for “off-colors” or “in between colors”, for example when shadow is cascading on a white wall. The parts covered by the shadow are much darker and deeper and you will see different shades of white, grey and black. The same when a wall is layered with sunshine, you witness the very play of colors caused by over- and underexposion. Those shades are my “in between” colors.

    Materials I chose are fabrics which reminded me of powdery snow such as light corduroy. I used that material on the shoulder-area of my designs to refer to snow that’s falling onto you. Other fabrics used were materials nature provides us such as cotton, wool and leather.

    Currently I’m working on a new collection that will be finished in the summer. Another focus this year is establishing my label, working on the base of my brand. Practically this means working a lot ‘behind the scenes’, research for point of sales and sponsoring. I’m aiming to produce a collection twice a year."


    Today, I received an email from Dropdeadgorgeousdaily.com, an online edit of the best things to buy online and serving as inspirations to shoppers looking for the latest trends. Right now, they are running a competition giving a lucky reader the chance to the Editor-At-Large of Dropdeadgorgeousdaily.com with also a prize package that is worth $4000 to giveaway.

    This competition will be asking DDGDs fashion-forward members (free membership, just sign up within seconds) to contribute and
    rate their favourite stylish items as well as post photos of their
    favourite outfits in exchange for a bunch of
    prizes and DDGD dollars.

    The competition runs for 10 weeks with each week selecting 2 finalists.
    At the end of the 10 weeks all 20 selected finalist will be showcased
    on DDGDaily.com and it will be up to a combination of reader staff
    votes to decide who is most deserving of the title of DDGD Editor At
    Large along with all those amazing prizes!

    BUT even if you are not a finalist, you
    still can win big just by participating and accumulate DDG$ dollars
    which can be swapped in The Editor's Swag Shop for fashion items by
    Sportsgirl, Marc by Marc Jacobs and many more!

    DO IT!! Who doesn't want to have fun and win!?

    For the full competition details, go to the website below:


    Photography & Styling: Darren Luk (BOY MOMENTS)
    Make Up: NiƱa Zozobrado
    Model: Pia
    Clothes and Accessories: Orbit Eclipse Neck by Mimco; Pleats Pants by Lovers&Collaborators; The Rique Dress by Brooke Daniels; Tacka Coat by Pol, Crosby Jacket by Cooper St. All other clothing stylists own.

    I was honoured to be asked by Mimco for the second time (my first Mimco interpretation here) to interpret their collection Whispers & Anarchy, which I enjoyed, despite the fact I only had one hour to shoot because of the rain. I chose the Orbit Eclipse Neck piece to style because I love accessories!

    The story and muse of this collection is of a diva from another dimension who has veered off course and stumbled into our lives. She is a time traveler and her mission is to research and explore the last 50 years of fashion on our planet. She has mastered our language, and human movement, but lost her guide on how to look and dress. She has come to me for help in her appearance, allowing her to travel from present day to the fifties and back.

    Yet again, I have tried to make the character a bit androgynous and choosing someone with a darker skin tone to contrast the neck piece. I drew different aspects for inspirations from different periods of time, in our last 50 years of fashion. I have mixed the 80's shoulder pads look, sheer and black lips, with wide legs pants from the 70s and fitting a little bit of 60's boyish slicked hair, also a kind of Twiggy feel with the mini black dress with the coat. To me, our time traveler is almost alien like, and she is well aware of her new surroundings. I have chosen to photograph in nature, because, as building and infrastructures change within time, nature and plants, change the least and I think shooting at Centennial Park, gives a timeless feeling, and a place where it can transport her from one decade to the other.

    It was overall a little hectic to get the shots doing the styling and photographing myself aswell as DIY hair with no hairstylist. Most of the time we spent hiding under a big tree because the weather had a sudden change and started pour with rain within minutes of starting. But with my little rant there haha, I am happy with these shots and I hope they are okay! What do you think?

    Thanks to my friend who modelled for me, withstanding the blazing cold and to my make up artist!!

    Those pleat pants are soo amazing!


    Ellison is a label based in Melbourne by designer Felicity Ellison. She is quite new to the scene having her label just started in 2010. After studying Product Development and Merchandising she turned to her passion of design. She likes "strong lines with a masculine touch" and describes herself as not being not so much a girly girl with a wardrobe full of dresses but rather a lot of pants. Ellison is inspired by music, film, photography and the past. This collection's inspiration was taken from her favourite childhood film The Labyrinth, David Bowie and gemstones as represented in the sheer, metallic and leather. Take a read of the interview we did!

    Personally just LOVE that whole look above. The leather tee and those pants- I really want them! I would wear most of her pieces.

    Her designs are currently stocked at Alice Euphemia in Melbourne and The Corner Shop in Sydney.

    What is your name?


    Where are you based?

    When and how did you decide on design as your career?
    I always wanted to be in fashion and explored the business side of it first. Then I went and did a semester in New York at the Fashion Institute of Technology where I took more creative classes. This is were I decided that design was the right path for me.

    What was the process in beginning your label and why did you call it Ellison?
    When I got back from New York I was a bit confused as to exactly what steps to take. Its a very hard thing starting a business especially when you are doing it alone. So i just registered the name and started sewing. It naturally progressed from there. Ellison is my surname, so easy natural progression.

    Tell us a little bit about your style.
    I wear a mix of designer and vintage (as most people do) and Ellison of course. I wear pants alot. I love pants. Guilty pleasure. I'm not a girly girl so dresses aren't a huge part of my wardrobe or label for that matter. There are other labels who do dresses so well, so I'll leave it to them. I like strong lines with a masculine touch.

    Tips for aspiring designers, like me?
    It's important to make your aspirations reality otherwise you'll end up thinking 'what if' for the rest of your life. The fashion industry is cut throat and you have to be a true and strong believer in your craft to survive. If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will either. In saying that, anyone who knows me would say I should take my own advice. We really are our own hardest critics.

    Did you have any education in fashion? if so, where? if not, how did you learn the technical aspects?

    I studied Product Development and Merchandising at RMIT which gave me a strong base in how the fashion industry works and the business behind it. So the technical aspects of design is what I learn about every day. And probably will continue to learn about for the rest of my career.

    How did your friends/family react to you turning to fashion design?
    My family was and still is immensely supportive of what I am doing. It's really nice to make them proud. My friends are my rocks. They not only encourage and support me, they are also a really talented bunch that often help me with the many other aspects needed to run a label. Like photography, graphic design, or even loaning their bodies out for me to poke and prod.

    How do you approach your designs each season and what inspires you?
    I am heavily inspired by music, film and photography. I find I look to the past a lot and focus a lot of my attention on art that was happening in the 60's 70's and 80's. Not the fashion itself, but the art and music that came about during those times.

    Where do you source fabrics and what kind of fabrics do you use?
    Fabrics are the most important thing for me. They are what i get excited about. I love lurex. About a quarter of my own wardrobe is made from lurex. Which is a high ratio considering what lurex looks like. However it is very hard to find in Australia. I also love working with leather and silk. Silk is beautiful on the skin and just cannot be substituted by anything else.

    How do you think your is label unique from others in Australia or abroad?

    I think every independent label is unique in it's own way. No one will ever be alike as we are all inspired and drawn to different things. My brand is pretty much me in a nutshell. And if you ever met me you would know that. I design true to my own style and aesthetic, which I believe is the most important thing for any designer to do.

    Who is your target market? what/why do you think your products appeals to them? Well I wear my clothes, and my mum wears my clothes (she's 61) and I have it on good authority that boys have bought my clothes so I don't really want to narrow myself down into a particular target market. If you like my stuff, your in my target market. Simple as that.

    What is your favourite piece from your designs so far?
    Probably the Hoggle Leather Tshirt from AW11. The leather I found for it was just out of this world. Expect to see a bit more of it next season!

    I believe good models help a lot in selling the clothes. What kind of models' outlook do you choose for your label?
    Models are SO important to each season. They are your face and will stick around with your brand seasons after they have appeared. I choose my models very carefully for this reason. They MUST have cool, fun personalities not just pretty faces.

    What will the public expect to see next season?

    Lurex, leather, linen, lace and a digital printed silk, which is a first for me. And very exiting.

    What futures avenues are you looking into for Ellison?
    One day at a time is my motto. I don't like thinking about the future because you miss opportunities that might not be in your ideal plan and get disappointed when things you planned don't happen.

    Looking at some of your pieces, they are quite androgynous, have you ever thought of looking into designing menswear?
    I adore menswear! It is actually what drew me to fashion in the first place. There is something so wonderful about a well dressed man. Maybe because they are a lot rarer than a well dressed woman. One day?

    Favourite designer/s and why?
    Dries Van Noten is amazing at both mens and womanswear. He dresses the human form how it should be dressed. He is pretty much perfect to me. He also takes crafts from all around the world and weaves them into his collections so you never really know what you're going to get each season. Proenza Schouler are also impressing me season after season with their colour palettes and prints. True leaders. These are amongst the many talented Australian designers doing great things! I think we are the masters of creating affordable, wearable, beautiful quality garments for the everyday man and woman.

    Describe next season in one sentence.
    Shine on you crazy diamond

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