Yesterday was a lovely at the Ivy Pool Club. It was a great day to attend a press showing by Sweaty Betty for the glasses from Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith and Mosley with the sun shining and reflecting from the pool. In addition to browsing, complementary drinks and food were served which of course is always lovely. By easy inspection, it seems that we all agreed that translucent frames are the total in and also drawing back shapes from what some would call vintage. My personal favourites would definitely be the Paul Smith from the first picture. It was also great to meet the girls from Sweaty Betty.


    Max Krieger and his white bleached hair, what can I say? I just love. Having my own considerations of bleach hair. The video and music is great. If should have more of these characters in my life.

    Remember the interview I did with him earlier this year? click here . He's pretty dynamic and fun as you can see in the video. He described himself as spontaneous, happy and different. Think this pretty much represents him.


    These are the rings I really want right now. Of course these are all worth a fortune! I wish I had that much money. These should be on my jewelry table right now.

    The YSL Amethyst ring .. just loveee. I love Amethyst!

    The Mania Mani Immortal rings have been my latest obsession and I just can't get enough of the beautiful Aquamarine and quartz wrapped with silver and brass. It makes it so delicate and so precious. It kinda looks like some little tree branch or a plant where the stones are the fruit or the budding flower.

    The Alexander McQueen knuckle rings. Lets just say I have been lusting for them since the day I laid my eyes upon them last year. Personally, it's multipurpose.

    Firstly- It looks awesome with the skull and the quartz

    Secondly if I need to punch someone to save my life or whateva it may be, I will actually have the guts to, because I know the McQueen will serve well. I think an uppercut would be great! haha. I think the first pay cheque I receive, I will be getting these... or at least it will definitely be up there on my wish list priority.

    All links to buy these are under the picture. If you have the money, go buy and I will be jealous. If not, you lust with me or you can buy them for me! :)



    Top: J.W Anderson. Shorts: Lanvin. Leather piece: Rick Owens.

    Photography: Alastair Strong
    Model: Paddy Mitchell

    Hey guys. So.. I'm in the midst of my exams. I have 4 more to go and I had my birthday on one of the exams as well (18th October) . I just had a honeycomb, chocolate truffle mousse cake. If you want to see what the cake looks like, you can look here and here.

    I came across the pictures while just looking on websites and this attracted me from the "We Live, As We Dream Alone". I like the skin tightness of the long sleeve ( by J.W Anderson ). It acts like the human skin but in a chic kinda way haha. And the leather piece ( by Rick Owens ) and the shorts ( by Lanvin) looks kinda like a skirt. Even though he is wearing skin tight and shorts with leather that looks like a skirt, it remains very masculine which I love. I also like the model its a very young face looking ( I don't think I made any sense there). I first saw him photographed by Kai Z Feng. Overall I like this black and white.

    Anyways, I'm signing off. Till next time.


    Well, let's just say, firstly as you know my exams are starting tomorrow till November 10th which is kind of crap and sad, which means my blogging will be even more neglected, besides the point, let me bring you DAVID LACHAPELLE ( his website here )and HE IS COMING TO AUSTRALIA!!! that's not it. HE WANTS TO PHOTOGRAPH YOU!!

    Don't know who he is? Chances are, you already do. You would have seen lots of his work before but you just didn't notice his name.

    He has photographed personalities including Andy Warhol, Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, P!nk, Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kanye West, Britney Spear, Paris Hilton, David Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Pamela Anderson and these are just some of the names.

    The other day, when seeing my fellow bloggers on twitter, receiving David LaChapelle's Heaven to Hell book, I was instantly intrigued. I thought I had missed out, but then finding out I had a package at my post office the next morning from the guys from One Green Bean was great! The package was heavy and I didn't have a knowledge of how big the book was before, but when carrying it to the car, oh it was heavy. The first thing I thought was that this is some big huge bible. ( bible's were the thing I thought was heaviest when I carried at school, so I made that direct link).

    A bible it was! 320 pages of it. It read - Heaven To Hell. The cover, is a version of probably one of the world's most famous sculpture and religious subject - "The Pieta" by Michelangelo. It depicts the Virgin Mary carrying his dead son, Jesus ( and you and me know that Courtney Love, who is on the cover in Mary's position is no innocent virgin). "The Pieta" was already questioned by the church in the 15th century, as Mary was too young looking, etc ..lots of other factors - (just to say that the work was already a little controversial to start with) and of course LaChapelle took this famous composition and subject and maximized it to the max. The controversy already starts here on the cover!

    When I opened the book, I was instantly splashed with warm, explosive, dramatic colours that seemed to consume your idea of colour in this world. It all seems unrealistic. (I mean yes it's not but I'm saying how the images look like some kind of cartoon nearly. Hard to explain but I hope you get me?) His work seems saturated in colour and some work, you could see as a painting but then the subject matter in which is photographed seems to contradict anything that would've been painted. Like the Jesus picture below, the clothes and his hair, the setting seems perfect as a painting, then you see this half naked model-esque washing his feet and modern kitchen, which straight makes you feel different. His work has been described as controversial ( and yes it is! I would say definitely challenging some religious boundaries, Christians indeed) and thought provoking.

    He references a diverse range of sources such as Renaissance art, the Bible, pop culture, Pornography (you can see a lot of that! haha)

    A dream would to be work with/for him some day, I think the experience would be priceless. He incorporates all things I love, including - art, fashion, conceptual-ism, controversy, colour and drama!

    Watch the video below to find out how YOU can be photographed by David LaChapelle on the new Nokia N8 new with 12 megapixel camera! for his first ever public shoot! Apply here ( shame I won't be able to attend )

    Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal on Wednesday October 20

    Melbourne’s Queensbridge Square on Saturday October 23.

    (I'm telling you, Nokia should pat themselves on the back (very smart) for getting this great icon on their side.)


    Samira Algoe ( her blog here ), designer of her label ZEM, from Holland sent me an email early this year, introducing me her graduate collection 2010. Looking back to the first email replying to Sam, I described it as reminding me a little bit of Calvin Klein and Jil Sander.

    One of her favourite designers is Raf Simons and I can see how their razor sharp cuts can be seen in her work. I love the geometrical shapes, colour blocks and also the intricate detailing Sam shows in her designs. I would total get one of those blazer/jackets and that white shirt ( picture below)

    Things that I first looked at was the grey shorts, the small detailing on the shorts and series of rectangles just seem to be nearly 3d standing out, to me. I guess I could describe her garments as modern with a minimalism. When I saw the jackets/blazers, I can see how she is inspired by her way of seeing things and art such as Mondrian . "When I look at a picture, my mind separates the image in little independent islands. They all become geometric fields."

    I'm looking forward to her development. I definitely see some potential.

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