. architectural poles

    took these images at various places with my lg viewty phone.

. similar

    left : dion lee s/s 2010 and right: gucci s/s 2010

    i think it just looks similar. but dion had shown his collection way before gucci showing this week. the similarities are the gaps in the material. but the difference is where dion is more tailored specific in where the cuts are and gucci has a more randomized cut in places.

. CAS athletics

    tonight we had to watch CAS (which is basically private boys schools) compete in athletics, and this year we won, our first win since 1955. .so that was a looong time. these were pics from my lg viewty phone but better quality photos i took with friend's slr camera which maybe uploaded soon enough.

. judgment day

    i woke up this morning, while brushing my teeth i looked up at my sky light window and it was orange. i was like . omg. i thought it was judgment day.. knowing this may be a historical event, i took photos! ..then finding out on radio. it was dust caused by strong winds blown from central australia.. i have never seen anything like this before. amazed.

    this was wat (matt) and i did in visual arts the other day, we had substitute teacher and we were just bored and i started putting pencils into clay. and then we ended up with this.. was random.. but looked a bit cool.

. hospitality course - final

    last night was the final night of our hospitality course where we gained our certificates. i miss the rsl. argh. it was a great experience. these are some of the pictures i took on the last day/night. thank you everyone for giving me a fun and enjoyable time.

. looks

    arvust basic scoop neck . grab denim jeans

    it seems like i'm doing very basics and simple clothing. tee and jeans. probably because it's spring.. so nothing much haha. just keeping it simplistic i guess.. with interesting poses.. what do you think?

. hospitality course - day 4 & 5

    lg viewty phone used.

    so these 2 days were okay.. we took turns as waiters one day and chefs another. yesterday i was waiter and today i was a chef. kinda fun. haha but i had to wait for 2 hours as we finished early both days. as i can see how bored i was. haha it was scary handling the dishes and holding more than one on one hand. haha also, there was free lemon cheese cake that a lot of us shared haha. because the person who was cutting the cake had problems and some of the cake mushed up. we also shared a fire engine drink ( that's the red soda).yesterday we had some teachers and a senior master from our school come an eat. and (john) served them and he got $10 tips i was like O-M-G. and i got 10cents. mm not happy. haha. .

    .today i was in the kitchen and haha there was intense stirring and mixing and making and things haha. and cleaning. haha

    anyways. its been a fun week. and gotta know people better and renewed one of my friendships, with (scott).

. hospitality course - day 3

    wat was to be theory work today became a little practical. thank god. so today was the serving and preparing of food service, we learned to put the table clothes on properly, folding napkins, which some people had the creativity of folding a origami-like crane, and also holding more than one dish in one hand. there were some disasters as seen from the broken dishes on the floor. we also learned to take orders ..etc. today the course finnished early again. so (john), (scott) and i sat outside waiting. and i was bored so knowing me.. i took photos. a few. and i thought id post up all of them .haha.

    tomorrow is me actaully physically being a waiter. omg . hope i dont stuff up. then on friday i will in the kitchen.

    for clarifying whose in the photo: (john) is always in the middle and (scott) is on the far right.

. hospitality course - day 2

    hi again. so this was day two of my hospitality course at the rsl club. coffee coffee coffee .... is what i can all say. we made so many coffees today, as a result, people went a bit hypo. the pictures show espressos in the making, (scott)and (matt )making coffee, by the way ,that thing that is pointing at (scott)'s mouth is actually where soft drinks come out. the coffee even my face in that photo is pedophilic. lol . and (john) going crazy and people ending up on floor.

    we tried our hands on coffee art. with some failures and some that were okay.

    at the end of the day, we finnished our course early. so (john) (scott), (shane) and i went to those chocolate machines where you like use a thing to grab and see if you can get them for yourself.. argh.. hahah that's got to be the worst description ever. haha hope thats okay. (i took a pic of the chocolate haha. )

    tomorrow is theory, so i guess no practical stuff.. not so fun :(

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