Co-ordinater/Co-Stylist: Donald Chung ( THE DON MAN)
    Photographer: Fernando Barraza
    Hair/Make-Up Artist: Leiane Taylor
    Co-Stylist: Darren Luk (BOY MOMENTS)
    Co-Stylist: Louise Hong
    Models: James McCullagh (who works at Door121); Sunny Burns @Platform; Rossco Fenton @Chic

    Hello! So here are some ( there is wayy more to come) behind the scenes photos from the shoot a few weekends ago for Antoine+Stanley 's Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. I was an honored to be invited on board to collaborate and help style the shoot working with cool, relaxed people. The 28 year old designer, Paul Waddy started the footwear label in 2003 and has been growing ever since. ( ps. has anyone noticed the rise of young good looking designers?). By the way, he's also nominated for CLEO Bachelor. His profile here.

    The concept that we decided on, was having three different guys that show different styles, exploring the different wearers of Antoine+Stanley. Preppy, Relaxed and Grungy. I liked James' fun look the most.

    The shoes range from formal to casual to boots with a variety of colours. Personally I like the the construction and detailing of leather boots and the formal shoes. One shoe that stood out to me was the brown sandal like brown leather shoe ( there's a picture somewhere below), its so European/Sartorialist like.

    With their great range, there will be a shoe to suit every occasion The shoes are high quality and no doubt going to be a bigger seller when it hits David Jones and OAK NYC. Definitely are value for money I'd say! Honestly, the shoes are a great price. Check out their website here!

    The launch party will be on tomorrow at Gotham! Keep an eye out for the next batch of photos coming up! See you there!


    This is the label Obsur from Sweden. The designer, Richard Söderberg is only 24 and his designs are extraordinary! I just love the dark, raw pieces. It's conceptual, dark and the styling of the garments and photography really intrigue me. I feel some connection with his thoughts, I really love it when designers have such thoughtful stories and concepts in their work. This is how I would like to be designing in the future (if I ever become a designer). He has a very particular way of thinking and reading his interview shows me his philosophical and conceptual mind.

    " I have a perpetual background, growing up in a rather controlled environment. Hence, a lot of my time, was spent reflecting upon myself and my own thoughts. As a rather creative individual, the outcome of this solitary existence, was a rebellious outbreak..."

    He lives and works in a small town Helsingborg, Sweden. Although he has lived around the world, he always returns to his home town as he believes this keeps him focused in his designs. From a young age, he urged to create shapes. He likes to deconstruct and show layers keeping a raw-ness and dark tone. He draws inspiration from things around him and create clothes that protect and tell a certain story. Read about his explanation of common debated - "What is wearable"

    He will be showing in Paris in January and then in Tokyo. His designs remind me of Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh, Ann Demeulemeester and Chronicles of Never.


    Current Collection S/S 2011 'Narratif'
    " The S/S 2011 collection of Obscur is such an untold story, captured by misty lands, roughness and enveloping clouds, with nature as its operator.
    We caress and experience our surroundings individually. The garments thus tend to become one with the bearer himself. The gently treated leathers frame the natural endoscope of emotional decay.
    Traditional elements such as raw edges allowing for smooth layering and overstated prismatic monotones can also be recognised in the pieces. The general feel of exclusive detailing, interaction and introvert opulence can be noted in the qualitative materials, subtle linings, comfortable knits and rich feeling materials.
    The collection can be seen as an encounter, between captured nocturnal elements and deconstructed decadency, with a dash of luxurious tormented momentum. "

    AW 10 Collection

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