Last week I went to the launch of the Upstairs at The Bellevue Hotel in Paddington. All gone under renovation and interiors designed by ex-model Michelle Leslie (pictured below with fur). The upstairs was filled with warm colours, chesterfield sofas and Renaissance paintings, finished with rich wood, brass touches and beautiful antique chandeliers. It features as a sitting and private dining room venue, with a great outdoor wooden balcony which will be the ideal for relaxing, absorbing the sun and the warm summer nights.

    Over 150 guests attended, filling to all sides of the walls. Most enjoyable was the endless serves of cocktails and canapes. That pineapple and pomegranate cocktail below was so good I had 4 of them. Plus that pork belly with sour cherry.. just could not resist the fat! haha

    There were so many canapes.. to name a few they include - Smoked eggplant tartlet with woodside goats cured, Chicken and tarragon finger sandwiches

    Mozzarella, eggplant and salsa agresto finger sandwiches, Slow roast pork belly with sour cherries, Boudin blanc of chicken wrapped in brioche.

    I also met amazing jewellery designer Sofia Fitzpatrick, who handcrafts every individual piece herself from a chunk of silver, gold or brass. We played around with her crazy chunk skull rings and my ManiaMania Immortals ring, you can see pics of us below. Check out her label Silver Skull Jewellery here - absolutely love it! I also met her friend, Simon Day, who was the front man of Ratcat, one of the huge Australian indie bands back in the late eighties and nineties. Interestingly, I had a google of course and he was in last years Bonds Tube Bra ad here. Coincidentally, both Sofia's jewellery and Simon is currently featured in the September Issue of Rolling Stones Australia.

Men Dress Designs

    Men Dress Designs
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Snakes Tattoo Designs

    Snakes Tattoo Designs
    Snakes were depicted in art long before humans even had a written word, so it is no wonder that they remain such a fascinating form of art today.
    The snake means different things in a variety of different cultures, some see it as being evil and others see it as a good omen.

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