I played around with camera with shutter speed etc and got these effects .. and i liked my pj's post ( what i sleep in post here ) before and thought i might do another one. this time with the pants aswell :)


    This is 17 years old surfer kid, Jordan Coulter from MY HOME.. AUSTRALIA! He was discovered at 15 after watching The Dark Knight at Pacific Fair at the Gold Coast. Jordan since then has gone from a straight-A surfer to international model. This year he is in Los Angeles (Vision agency) doing some modeling work before returning home for his last year of school ..and so he should with his great potential!

    Geeeeez he's only 17 ( same age as me. arghh jealous!!!! can't get over that... he needs to come back to Australia and by my friend - that just sounded a bit childish.. hahaha) and the pictures above by one of my favourite photographers Tony Duran really show his versatility especially for high fashion. And doesn't that second last picture above give off a - Karl Largerfeld's "Baptiste Giabiconi" look ? Does to me..

    His latest is a campaign for high-end Italian fashion label Dsquared2 which is yet to be released! ( I can't wait to see... dsquared2 is also a love of mine). This is quite exciting, as he will be shot by Mert and Marcus! Photographers with top clients of the fashion world .. including Louis Vuitton ,Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Fendi, Kenzo.

    Read article here as he was rushed to be grabbed for the shoot.

    "He has been featured in numerous editorials magazines, such as "" and "Australian GQ". He has also done high profile fashion shows in Milan."

    "To give you an idea, the now 17-year-old flew to Puerto Rico to shoot the latest American Eagle campaign for a five-figure deal; was flown to New York where renowned photographer Mariano Vivanco shot him for the Dolce & Gabbana anniversary book; was featured in Calvin Klein's lookbook and presentation; stars in the recent issue of Numéro Homme (Wet Contest) shot by fashion photographer Matthias Vriens-McGrath; and makes his Australian debut in a 12-page autumn fashion shoot for the May issue of GQ shot by Max Doyle."



    Natalie Bankovic discovered her passion for design and flair in high school, studying design. It was 2004 when she made her first pair of earrings for a friend that she was discovered by exclusive boutiques and capturing attention in which, then Natina Jewellery was formed. Singer Ricki Lee was one of many that has worn her designer. "Everyday is a new Inspiration" is the concept of Natina Jewellery . Talking to Natalie at MeetingPOT, she brought up how, many people had asked what her inspiration was for her designs, and told me how it was a strange question because it came from when she was creating the individual pieces - the very thing that makes her pieces purely unique and not dated or following current trends which can be worn for many season to come. Each piece lets the wearer make a statement, defining themselves as a unique individual. Natina designs are all exclusive and original.

    Natina Jewellery offers pieces that are versatile. I remember when I first looked upon Natalie's jewellery I loved the pieces in which I saw could be worn from day into the night bringing life to any outfit. It definitely gave me the "wow- factor" statement which is the aim of Natina Jewellery. Personally, I love bold statement jewellery and what brings attention and I think this is what it gives.

    The Natina Jewellery client would be a female aged 15-35 young hard workers who are idealistic and optimistic and highly entrepreneurial who also value quality, going out and socialising .

    Natina jewellery provides exclusive designed quality pieces that are mid range priced. So this means it's affordable and buying quality which won't be found anywhere else.

    These are only a few pictures of her collection and more to come. I personally love the first necklace. The detail of the snake contrasted by simple smooth black behind. I like it.

    More pictures - READ MORE

    Join her Natina jewellery on facebook

    Natina Jewellery will be showcasing at the Fashion Forward Festival Sydney on the 7th - 9th May 2010.

    To check out more of
    Natina Jewellery , find out more about Australia's emerging & independent fashion designers & to support AIDS research & awareness head on down to the free fashion cultural event. For more info log onto


    Grooming: Saya Hughes
    Model: Joan Pedrola at Major

    Photographers: Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader

    Joan Pedrola, one of my favourite models has really made this editorial very interesting, I love these photos! sooo gooodd! Don't you reckon? Love the animation! Don't you reckon? I bet you all want a taste of Joan now don't you?! I LOVE photographers Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader

    Continue reading more of the editorial called FUTUR3 P3RF3CT from here! This is the future of editorials!


    Virr a high end luxury leather bag and shoe label has boomed from Sydney. With high quality and intricate detailing, it is believed to be almost the younger sibling of our all time famous Hermès. These timeless pieces will last you almost a lifetime! I would totally grab one if I was you! Because I would!

    Virr will be showcasing at the Fashion Forward Festival Sydney on the 7th - 9th May 2010.

    To check out more of
    Virr's , find out more about Australia's emerging & independent fashion designers & to support AIDS research & awareness head on down to the free fashion cultural event. For more info log onto

    Click Here for Q&A

    J Neate

    Name of label and why it is called that?
    VIRR - the label has an old European influence. The word virr comes from the latin word vir meaning 'man' or 'man of courage' Apparently the word Virr may be a variant of the medieval French given name "Ver" from the Latin "Verus", meaning true. Personally I like the sound of it like 'virtue'.


    Where are you based?

    When and how did you decide design as your career?
    My father always taught us to appreciate quality and style. This appreciation stayed with me and when I couldn't find any bags I liked on a world trip I looked into making my own!

    Were you always a fashionable person?
    That depends on through whose eyes you look. Through my own? not really. Was I comfortable with who I am, perhaps.

    What was the process/ how did you start beginning your label?
    I started drawing. Lots of designs. Some concepts I just drew in my head. I also studied business, so I started writing a business plan.

    Why bags and shoes?
    Every second person is starting a t-shirt label. I found bags shoes and accessories more interesting & undeveloped in regards to the style I wanted to portray.

    Did you have any education in fashion? if so, where? if not, how did you learn the technical aspects?

    Apart from the fathers education, I have been helped immensely by friends in the industry. Friends that work for large fashion houses and who already own their own labels.

    How did your friends/family react to you turning to design?
    Very positively, I'm sure they have had their own reservations, but with lots of encouragement. Either way it wouldn't have mattered if they were against it.

    How do you approach your designs each season?
    Well I'm only offering the first range now, so cant really speak for each season. The accessories are by range not season, meaning the team can afford a less stressful agenda.
    And we are not pushing out pieces just to meet seasonal demands.

    What are your aesthetics/inspirations?
    Inspirations are drawn from many sources. The environment, poetry, the ancients, illustrations, black and white movies, symbology, esoteric subjects, gentlemen and ladies. The list is always growing

    What's the underlying message of this collection/ themes?
    Well the first assemblage is influenced by the poem by Samuel Johnson 'The Vanity of Human Wishes'. The first 10 lines are about observing humanity around the world, looking at human frailties (hope, fear, desire, hate, pride). It looks at how people are 'shunning ills' or 'chasing airy good'. I could go right into this a lot further, but I'll say that the pieces in the collection are to invoke appreciation not cheap pride (or 'airy good').

    The fashion industry is so competitive, how do you keep you label sustainable?
    VIRR is not trying to follow trends, we just want to make great pieces, that are timeless. We believe this philosophy will sustain us.

    Are you working internationally with stocking,etc?
    Not yet, but plan to.

    How is your label unique from others in Australia and abroad ?
    There are few that focus on quality and individuality, fewer that carry such archaic appreciation and not a lot of purely accessory labels.

    Who is your target market? What/why do you think your products appeals to them?
    Consumers with a timeless sense of style, those that appreciate individuality, raw lines, and have an archaic appreciation.

    I believe good models help a lot in selling. What kind of models' outlook/style do you choose for your label and shooting?
    We are running a luxury label, our models are classic looking, to suit the labels personality. We have just used a lovely lady Barbara Di Creddo, who is on the brink of huge things in europe and New York.

    What will the public expect to see next, coming from your label?
    There are ladies shoes and boots on the way, new shoes for lads and some one-off pieces to be released.

    What's your favourite piece from your label?
    The laptop envelopes or the Repository bag.

    What the most popular piece customers like?
    All varied, so far no favourites which we see as a good sign.

    Why should we choose VIRR?
    A unique style, distinguishes you from the others, states a person of conviction, quality and control.

    For people who don't know your label, how would you describe it in a sentence?

    VIRR, a distinct and luxurious accessory label, an attestation to days that were.


    lee silver, cheapmonday, levis, isa, cheapmonday, isa, grab, ksubi, cheapmonday, lee, wrangler (the second picture)

    So recently i got some hooks for my jeans and i thought i might post the photos of them up. I am obsessed with jeans.. i have like 20 pairs in which i only wear about 10 of .. so the 10 are up on the rack.


    As you know I have 2 weeks of exams and this is my first week. As I say - "attempt" to study.. stupid procrastination takes over! These are my prada glasses I wear :). Thought i might take a picture to show you with black and white. - as my pradas are black and white. Also I had a hair cut .. if you can tell.


    I have been "attempting" to study.. notice my quotation marks.. I've really been procrastinating so much.. it's so bad :( . but i saw this light coming into my blinds so i took a photo..

    also this will mean my posts be on a slow down. because of exams the coming 2 weeks . talk soon!


    I just took some photos of the new general pants store a few weeks ago. thought i might share .

. found another shot

    Looking in my albums today, I found a shot that I took of Talia which i edited, that I forgot to upload. but here it is :)

. this is what i sleep in

    Basically this is what i sleep in autumn, its something i got from like kmart or target or something. it's a size large and i like how when i push my sleeves up, it creates a broad shoulder. so this morning i thought i might show you what it looked like. There are 2 more black/white pictures after "read more"

. sunshine blog award

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. a bit of blonde a bit of smoke


    Photographer: Jason Eric Hardwick
    Model: Kyle @ Ford Models

    I just really liked the editing, the clean colour. I liked the lighting- in the left pic above, I like how his face is covered by shadow but the hair and muscle is more pronounced. I just liked the shading and the hair. haha . Also I like how on the right pic above the smoke coming from his mouth- great how its a black and white photo, brings out the smoke AND his eyes are closed- I like it.

. Das Monk tees and stuff

    Das Monk is an Australian t-shirt label based in Sydney. It was was launched in 2007 by Marc Hendrick and Anna Lunoe. They are now successfully stocked in Australia, New Zealand, Japan USA and Canada in over 30 leading fashion stores in those countries and more to come. The label is inspired by the world of art, music, film and pop culture. What's more is that they don't come in seasonally but release every 3 months, which features works from themselves, and also collaborating with upcoming and emerging independent artists from all over the world. So I to look up Das Monk up, and found that a few fans of the label including TV on the Radio, Diplo, Busy P, MGMT, A-Trak, and The Cool Kids.

    Personally I really like the idea of art and getting them on tees, I think it supports and communicates individual artists, simple - mixing art and fashion is something I always loved - also I like their concept as I'm trying to do this myself. I am a big fan of those works I chose to put up above.

    their Singlets - $49.95; Tees - $59.95 ; Sweaters -$89.95 go here at The Grand Social to buy some now!

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