. cheap monday fall 2010

    i love the big baggy pants and hoddie and also the simplicity of the menswear. the clothes are almost unisex... id basically wear any of those womens blazers and hoodies/jackets. nice detail in the jeans. more images from fall 2010 collection here

    i'm really sad today. going to stop typing now.

. 3am on bus to Canberra.

    Remember the post I did of the time when i went to Canberra for the National Art Gallery of Australia?.. Well that day, I had to get to school at 3am! yes 3AM for our bus trip down to Canberra. In the bus I took these shots with my phone .. just before the sun rose and the sun risen. what do you think ?

. Exclusive Rob Rae Interview Q&A

    Just trying out this new magazine looking page for my interview with Canadian model, Rob Rae. He had the most comprehensive answers to my questions and so instead of making the usual posting format I tried this magazine like format. What do you think?

    I like his look, versatile in look, sorta school boy cross with some classyness

    Thank you Rob for taking your time!

. MeetingPOT : Australia's first social network that integrates professionals networking

    The Brief

    is Australia's first social network that integrates professionals networking. Over 100 fashion entrepreneurs are expected to attend MeetingPOT's first event.

    Yummi Ong-Ly
    is the founder of this network. This time last year, Yummi was earning over $100 000 in a job she hated and she has now left her job to help and support young emerging creatives to pursue dreams, passions giving them a "speed dating" experience one-on-one for them to meet professionals in their related fields opening opportunities and doors for collaborations, internships,etc. Also keynote speakers will be there to inform the young talents.

    Personally I think this is a great concept and a platform that will open doors to fulfill dreams.

    The first event will be on 31st of March 2010 in Sydney. This is one event of many to come which will hope to reach nation wide.

    The First Event

    WHERE: Doltone House, Pyrmont

    WHEN: 10AM-7PM, Wednesday 31 March 2010

    WHY: Fashion entrepreneurs will get a chance to network with their potential collaborators in pr start up a small business.

    Follow their Twitter @_meetingpot

    More information here and register here

. shirt shapes

    took these pics today. i guess you can call the "theme" a shirt. i wanted to create different shapes from my school shirt. and only having the shirt showing rather me in it. so it seems almost like the shirt it floating in a way. but not really. . .like a ghost i guess? i just wanted to quickly take some photos and upload them... and stupidly .. they arn't exactly focused. but im too tired to care about it now. it's been a busy week and i'm soooo tired. so i will stop typing now.

. light on off bulb

    these are pics i took of my toilet lights. one of the bulbs aren't working. thought that photo was interesting with one working and one not.

. 10 pairs of jeans campaign - general pants co.

. Lee Jeans - L1 Stovepipe Black - Black/White

    Lee L1 Stovepipe Black jeans

    I bought these new Lee L1 Stovepipe Black jeans last week from General Pants Co. ( buy a pair here ). They are skinny and are mid waist. I needed a black pair and these were perfect ! I took a few shots this afternoon and experimented with something different in terms of editing, what do you think?

. sun, window venetian blinds

    Took this a few weeks ago. While I was studying in the afternoon, I looked up and my slightly scratched and weathered window, venetian blinds, the sun and the tree outside created a combination and i liked it so i snapped it.

. rain at night

    taken with my phone - lg viewty ku990

    took this a month or so back, it looks a little similar to the photos i took on a past post here. I took these photos in the car at night while it was raining.

. awesome hair + styling

. national art gallery scuptures

    went to Canberra to national art gallery and obviously we were not permitted to take photos of artworks in the galleries.. but these outdoors sculptures i took photos of .. amazing. i love them.
    i used my compact camera.. so quality has lowered its standards.. i couldn't bring my canon slr ... too much to carry for a school excursion.

. dye tee, biker vest with colour - my look post

    Pulp Kitchen from Dangerfield - Biker-like vest; Nu+nan -Rohan Tee Pink/Blue, Wrangler- Strangler jeans; Fossil watch.

    I love the dye tee it's so soft flowy and comfy - it's my favourite! and the colour works well with black and my jeans. My artistic creative freind gave it to me as a present for my birthday last year. Check out her blog here ! The tee was from Nu+Nan (visit their website here, and facebook page here)

    Today I played with a bit of colouring and the effect worked with the actual clothes. and the last picture I tried making an arty effect. What do you think?

. school uniform tryout look

    This afternoon somehow I was motivated by Margaret from shinebythree. I was just talking to her and how she was having a bad day, and I duno, I felt like randomly make my school uniform an outfit and see if the photos turn out any good. used my canon 1000d ..so this is my school uniform with out my tie. what do you think?

. Mark Basa - Sydney Designer - feature with Video

    Mark Basa is the 21 year old Australian designer and the name of his own Sydney based label. With a plus that all garments at 100% Australian Made. In the above video, he discusses how he started his label, processes, aesthetics, inspiration, tips and more.

    His cool range is dramatic - and are definitely statement pieces that are suited for people who are not afraid to try something different and wants to stand out. I particularly like the Baboon on black tee (below)- it's vibrant and exciting with colour. Something I see wearing going to a party. Personally I love to stand out from a crowd and be remembered, but of course I also love subtle conservativeness too. So for example I would wear the baboon tee paired with a black blazer and black skinnies. That would definitely give subtle-ness but also a bang.

    Also after talking to Mark, I discovered he is also a model! So that's kinda awesome too. multi talentedness. I have to say though, when I first visited his site/facebook, I thought he was a model of the clothes, but then found out he was the designer! I can't go without saying that his ink tattoos are amazing! I love them! The tattoos seem to be like art that grows on him - especially the roses.

    Take a look at a couple of his items from his label and modeling pictures of himself below.

    To book him as a model click here
    For his model portfolio click here

    From his range:

    Mark Basa himself

    Mark Basa will be showcasing at the Fashion Forward Festival Sydney on the 7th - 9th May 2010.

    To check out more of Mark Basa's cool new stuff, find out more about Australia's emerging & independent fashion designers & to support AIDS research & awareness head on down to the free fashion cultural event. For more info log onto www.fashionforwardfestival.com.au

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