. butch 2010 - arthur sales

    sorry, had to blast so many images but these came across as fresh and really representing spring and summer to me.

    these photographs by cristiano madureira are from the new spring/summer 2010 Butch campaign. the model arthur sales is a new brazilian model who is quickly rising, as he has already done a shoot with Shakira. the poses and the pictures are great. he's young and major models represents him. i can see great potential. it is smart that Butch has taken him for this campaign. hopefully soon i will be putting up an interview with him.

. new shanghai

    a picture i took in the New Shanghai restaurant counter in - Chatswood Chase. the place looks cool. they try to capture the atmosphere with the interior design. go for a visit. food comes out fast.

. light drawing

    courtesy of my
    lg viewty

    this will be first of many pictures i play with light. i like the effects of the lights. created by any light from the street.

. zest minicakes

    these are mini cakes we received from our reward card at Zest Patisserie . i buy all my bday cakes from them! they are great. and as a fact, its opened by my music teacher's niece.

. carpark lamp

    courtesy of my lg viewty

    a photo i took at my local shopping centre outdoor carpark. i took a photo of the lamp they had and the result was interesting.

. at a river

    courtesy of my lg viewty

    took this photo while back at north strathfield. i liked this photo.. it looks clean .. if you get what i mean.

. scribble

    this picture was taken a few months ago, while i was trying to memorize my essay, i was really tired at night and all i wanted to do was try to get my memory to flow, and i just closed my eyes and wrote down what was in my head. i didnt care about spelling or anything, just an output to show to myself i can actually remember it and its just not in my head but i could transfer to paper.

    result = scribble

    you could try see if you can figure out words.. i can only figure out a few. ironically the essay was about art. renaissance art.

. trees blur on sunset

    taken weeks back . shows different looks of sunset and trees passing by quickly from in the car. two different types of movements. thought the texture looked nice, the first one looks brushed and the second splotched on. taken by my lg viewty

. oak boots

    from Oak , a New York retailer.

    i LOVE these boots! i want ALL OF THEM. the colour! everything is my palette! PLEASE SOMEONE SEND ME THESE!!

. sunset on construction site

    click for large

    took these photos last week of the construction site at school at sunset, it was about 7pm. the nets are the separations of the working site. and i thought it created an interesting texture with the sunset coming through. all taken with my lg viewty.

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