Happy New Year everyone! Hope this new year brings new happiness and opportunity!

    It was my first time really going out to the city to watch the fireworks. Usually I do a house party and have family and friends and then watch the fireworks on TV. This year, I was invited to the Sydney Resolution concert at Glebe Island, which was set up like a little fiesta village, to celebrate New Years. There was a great line up of music artists including Jamiroquai, Pet Shop Boys, Culture Club, Psuedo Echo, Lyndsey Ollard and Guy Sebastian. Though this obviously attracts a more mature crowd, I must admit that I only really listen to Guy Sebastian from the line up. I was given basically a front row seat to the concert and it was nice just to relax and enjoy the day. One of my friends won tickets to the concert so it was also good to hang with her.

    This year my resolutions are to take lots of self control and be persistent in what I want.

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