Last week, I was invited to the the budgy smuggler Water Polo by the Sea game, where guests and the public had a chance to witness the world world class water polo sport played between the Aussie Sharks and the USA team at Bondi Icebergs. Many of Sydney’s sporting elites and socials attended the game and guests had a chance to chat to the team members after the match.

    Thomas Whalan, Australia’s triple Olympian and current Sharks team member was the brains behind this initiative. His aim was to exhibit water polo as a "tough, rugged but sexy sport" whilst also bringing public awareness of the sport and also as a way of bringing support for the upcoming 2012 Olympics. In addition to the fact that not many people would usually watch water polo game, I think it's a great idea to intervene Sydney's socials with sport.

    During half time, cricketer Peter Neville, Bondi Lifeguard Greg Bishop and boat racer Hardy Cubasch had a try at the sport. Below is a picture of Greg giving it a shot.

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